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A “Totally Carrboro” Summer Internship

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By Ashley Brown, on June 4, 2013

Greetings Blogosphere!

Here is a little known fact: blogosphere is included in the Office Word dictionary. Carrboronite is not. What is a Carrboronite, you may ask? Well, since I arrived in Carrboro, North Carolina nearly two years ago, it’s been my very endearing term for the fine folks who reside in this lovely town. And this summer, I get to serve them as the summer management intern for the Town of Carrboro government.

Monday (yes, yesterday) was my first day. When I arrived, I was given a flash drive with some orientation materials. One of the documents on the drive was an opinion piece written by the Economic and Community Development Director, Annette Stone, which was published in the Carrboro Citizen. The piece was titled “Totally Carrboro.” In this article, Annette outlines how the Town of Carrboro is extremely proud of its identity as an inclusive and friendly town. It’s a town that values human rights, sustainable living, and local business. The town leadership –including the Board of Alderman and the Public Administrators– cares about the people who choose to call Carrboro home. They understand what makes this place “totally Carrboro” and they look to encourage growth and economic prosperity in a way that aligns with the Town’s vision. So in case my flowery description has not already led you to this conclusion, I’ll get straight to the point. I am enamored by Carrboro.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, “Whoa, slow it down, you’ve only been there one day. Take it easy; get to know the place before you announce your admiration to the whole blogosphere.” Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve lived here nearly two years. And in those two years, I’ve immersed myself in all things Carrboro. Yes, yes, I am a Carrboronite and proud of it. I have a Weaver Street membership, coached a running program at Carrboro Elementary, and I ran the Tour de Carrboro last year. I am what you might say, “totally Carrboro.” Ok, so that might just be the tip of the iceberg in being a true Carrboro resident, but I am proud to live here. And now I am excited to work here. This summer will be an excellent adventure in serving my community and working alongside some extremely smart and compassionate public administrators. And guess what? You get to come along for the ride! Yep, I’ll be here every Tuesday for the next ten weeks (it’s even on my Google calendar so that I won’t forget about my friends in the blogosphere).



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2 Responses to “A “Totally Carrboro” Summer Internship”

  1. Brittany Bennett

    I could hear you saying these things as I read… I’m excited to read about your adventures!

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