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How is it the last day of July already??

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By Megan Dale, on July 31, 2013

I  feel like I always say this, but I really can’t believe it’s over! The only fallback of an internship for me is that there is so much to learn and do in such a short time. I’m in the process of tying up a few loose ends on the staff needs assessment, my main project for the summer. I learned so much about the employee experience at UNC versus the student perspective, and I met so many great people in the process. I’m happy with how the project turned out, and I hope I can continue with even more focus groups in the fall!

So, how do you wrap everything up in a blog post? I could list what I learned this summer or everything I did but it is really sufficient to say that I was lucky to work with wonderful people on projects that I care about. So thank you to my amazing supervisor and friend, Maggie, who answered all of my questions (a daunting task, in and of itself) and helped me make my projects better. Thank you to the center’s director, Christi, who included me and made time for me in a very busy summer. I’m so excited about the work the CWC is doing for UNC students and employees, and I will definitely be staying connected with the center next year as a student, and after that as an alum (cross your fingers!) Thank you for reading and best of luck this year!

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