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I missed most of the workweek last week for health care appointments and sickness. As much as I hate to break my commitment to show up to work each day, I was able to do so with no stress because of my amazing colleagues.

The government never stops running . . . although the federal government has given it a shot a few times! If I am sick, someone else has to complete my required tasks in my absence. This puts stress on the rest of the team, which is why most of us try to avoid being absent. (Not to mention the email inbox mountain that accrues when it is not maintained daily.) I am very fortunate to work with a team that is always willing to pitch in and help each other out.

A critical component of this coverage of absences is cross-training and sharing of knowledge. We all know that one coworker who likes to keep her trade secrets for job security, but that does not benefit her or the team. I put emphasis on making sure the staff in my division know what I know. This not only makes sure the job gets done, but it also empowers staff and prepares them for advancement. It is a win-win to share knowledge and maintain training on a regular basis.

On the flip side, I actively pursue opportunities for cross-training myself. This, again, provides coverage for absences, but it also makes me a more valuable employee and prepares me for advancement as well. There is no downside to learning.

So, a big thank you to the Revenue Team for helping me out last week. I could not do it without you.

Albemarle Fun Fact #5: Albemarle is home to a fantastic, award-winning restaurant that has also been featured in Our State Magazine: Off the Square. Located in the heart of downtown Albemarle, Off the Square serves “extraordinary cuisine with innovation and love” to the delight of residents and visitors alike.

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