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I can’t believe that my internship is almost over— I feel like there is still so much work to be done! Last Friday, Dr. Palmer and I taught a Grant-Writing Workshop in partnership with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium. It was a great group of individuals who had diverse backgrounds — we had members from the Greensboro Health Department, large nonprofit organizations, and grassroots nonprofit organizations. Dr. Palmer has been running this workshop for about 10 years, but given some of my experience in grant writing, she invited me to teach alongside of her. What I loved about this workshop was the way that Dr. Palmer sets it up to be interactive. Each participant receives two packets — one of handouts and one of worksheets. By the end of the workshop, each participant had a fully drafted needs statement, goal statement, action steps, budget, and sample proposal. Participants have practice reviewing RFP’s and drafting LOI’s. This workshop is a great asset to the local nonprofit community, and it was great fun being apart of it!


This week, I’ll be working on rewriting standard nonprofit principles and practices for our mystery client. These principles will be distributed to all nonprofits across the state of North Carolina, so it is critical that Dr. Palmer and I write them in a way that can relate to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Once we finish drafting the practices, we will be drafting a custom assessment that will help nonprofit organizations assess their strengths and weaknesses. The goal is that nonprofit organizations will assess their strengths and weaknesses, and then collaborate with our client to receive tips, tricks, and tools to help strengthen their weaknesses.

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