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Legislative Teaser

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By Jonathan Yeomans, on June 8, 2010

Each year, the TJCOG sends a legislative delegation – select TJCOG board members – to Raleigh to meet with the political elite and discuss some of the COG’s high priority issues.

I have graciously been invited to tag along with the delegation tomorrow. We plan to meet with Rep. Jennifer Weiss, Rep. Leo Daughtry, Speaker Joe Hackney, Rep. Mickey Michaux, Sen. Bob Atwater, Sen. Richard Stevens and Sen. Floyd McKissick.

The delegation will seek support for some of the COG’s high-priority issues: new revenue options for local governments, transportation planning and funding, mental health assistance, and water quality/supply and infrastructure. I will seek additional funding so the SOG can open a Panera Bread in the basement.

A more detailed report to come on Friday. Stay tuned.

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