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Now that the Nonprofit Management Institute is over for the summer, we have shifted our focus to the top-secret project and a new project with a local nonprofit organization. For the purposes of the blog, I’m just going to refer to this new organization as THP. This situation is really unique because we have been recruited by one of the main funders of THP to help them get back on their feet and establish their strategic plan. THP is a uniquely positioned organization in NC because they are the only nonprofit organization that provides the services that they do, and if they were to dissolve, the population that THP serves would be incredibly lost and unsure of where to turn. Because of this – the funder called Dr. Palmer and recruited us to come in, distribute the McKinsey Capacity Assessment, conduct interviews and focus groups, and pull together a strategic plan.

In preparation for this, I have spent my weekend updating our assessment tools, reviewing data about the organization, and learning more about the population that they serve so that I can be well versed in the “lingo” when conducting the focus groups and interviews.

Stay tuned to hear more about the process of strategic planning with THP!

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