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One on One with Financial Services

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By Tim Reavis, on June 25, 2012

Six students from the UNC-CH MPA program are working with various departments at Orange County. Today I’m posting highlights of an interview I conducted with the financial services intern, Daniel Baird.

Tim Reavis: Whats happening this summer in the financial services department?

Daniel Baird: The biggest thing happening in the department right now is the completion of the budget. The budget was recently approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). My co-workers have really worked hard at making sure the budget is well-organized and accurate. I can’t tell you the vast number of meetings that have taken place to get it finalized.

TR: Financial services really puts in the work?

DB: Oh for sure. I have a new found respect for the folks over here. The county wouldn’t function without it.

TR: I’m guessing working in that environment has taught you quite a bit about the budget creation process?

DB: I’ve learned more than most people even want to know about creating a  local government budget. Which, of course, was part of the reason I was interested in this internship to begin with. Now that the budget is set, the department takes a big sigh of relief.

TR: Any other side projects you’ve been working on?

DB: Well I’m not sure I’d call it a “side” project, considering how seriously the BOCC is taking this issue, but yeah. I’ve been working with other staff members to double check all the numbers we get on the light rail proposal. We’ve got to make sure the all the numbers are correct. A miscalculation on this issue could potentially cause a major delay.

TR: Transit does seem to be a hot button issue among various groups.

DB: (laughs) oh really?

TR: (laughs)

DB: Another task I’m working on is comparing specific Orange County departmental budgets from year to year in order to get a bigger picture of how and when the departments spend their money. This type of project helps the financial service department prepare for future allocations and expectations.

TR: Thanks for your time.

DB: No problem.

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