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As I sit in my office at the EDC for the last time and collect all my notes from throughout the summer, I can’t believe my 10 weeks here are over. The past few days I’ve been spending time really thinking about how I can apply the skills and knowledge of development that I’ve learned while here to my future career.

Thankfully, as I think was one of the goals of our internships, my time here has definitely helped narrow down my possible career choices and made it clearer to me the type of organization and workplace I would want to end up in, long term. I’ve learned how to make the most out of unexpected situations and continuously develop my personal skill set along the way. I’ve sat in on numerous meetings, helped to develop programs which will be in effect long after my time here, and been introduced to the amazing professionals of Chatham County.

In wrapping things up and pulling together all my materials on the projects I was assigned, I’m pleased with the work I’ve done and my time here in Chatham County. At the start of this internship, I didn’t know the first thing about Chatham but now I feel comfortable that I understand the layout and makeup of the various communities across the county and how they relate to one another. As one of the larger counties in the state, Chatham has a lot of growth potential that I know will be realized and developed.

Like I mentioned in my first post, its the people in the office who really make or break your work experience, whether it be for an internship or for a job. Thankfully I was blessed to work with four amazing professionals who function like a family and are committed to their work and to the development of Chatham. Moving forward, I’m excited to see my classmates again as we begin our final year in the program and mold our internships into integral pieces of our portfolios.

Thank you so much for trekking through this summer with me. I hope you learned a bit about the wonderful Chatham County through my posts! On that note, my time here is complete!


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