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So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

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By Ashley Brown, on August 14, 2013

Greetings Blogosphere!

All morning I’ve been thinking “I’m late! I’m late for very important date!”  I’m bucking tradition, and my last blog post will end on a Wednesday instead of Tuesday. It also happens to be my last day at the Town of Carrboro.  I do not have much left to say (I’ve said a lot already this past 10 weeks) except to send out my gratitude to all the great folks I’ve met during my time here.  This Town is undoubtedly quirky and friendly and warm (both in the literal and figurative – our air conditioning was broken one day, and boy was it warm).

Last Friday, my co-workers had a potluck lunch in my honor (so great!) and while we were sitting around a big table, I was asked “So what did you learn during your internship?” Before I could answer, someone chimed in and said “Did you learn you don’t want to work in local government?” Good question.  The honest answer is “I don’t know.”  Local government has so many working parts that I could find myself fitting into different areas. However, working in local government is a commitment.  It’s often your Tuesday evenings for Board meetings.  Your holidays for special events.  And your patience for all the complaints one could imagine.  But in the end, it’s meaningful work.  So, in short, I don’t know if I have a future in local government. Stay tuned (maybe SOG will let me guest appear in next year’s blog and I can follow-up).

Anyway, I am sure you are waiting in eager anticipation to learn what I’ve baked for my last day (as hinted at in my last post). For my going away potluck lunch, I made Crook’s Corner’s Atlantic Beach Pie with homemade whipped cream.  This recipe was featured on NPR and can be found here:

And I have to say, it was pretty darn good and not too difficult to make.

Next, for my last day, I’ve made homemade buttermilk biscuits with a homemade peach cinnamon jam.  So far, reviews in my office have been good but it’s still early. I’ve left you all with some visuals so you can look at my handy work.

Finally, before I sign-off, I want to thank everyone at the Town of Carrboro one more time.  They are a spectacular group of people and I sincerely appreciate their guidance during this internship.

Atlantic Beach pie and homemade whipped cream.
Atlantic Beach pie and homemade whipped cream.
Biscuits and peach cinnamon jam.



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