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This week will mark the last week of my full-time intern status at Communities in Schools, but I am not saying goodbye just yet. As a dual degree student I will still be working with the organization to complete the requirements for my MSW degree.

With that in mind this week is bitter-sweet. While I am looking forward to starting my last year of graduate school, I will miss coming in to the office everyday and learning from the staff and community here.They have allowed me to gain great professional experience as well as allowed me to grow as an advocate. While here I have been able to participate in community events as well as learning about how to manage the daily operations of a non-profit, the process of creating a non-profit budget, participating in donor research, and just learning about CIS and their many programs and services. On top of this I have been introduced to a network of people such as Rep. Graig Meyer and so many others that have made incredible accomplishments in their lifetime.

Summer has come to an end but my connection with Communities in Schools has not. Some of my future tasks will include continued maintenance of the organization website, conducting donor research and participation in the re-accreditation process. I have been privileged to be a part of this organization and this community. All of my experiences have added to my passions and sparked an interest in working with rural communities in North Carolina.

This is definitely not a goodbye, just a change of scenery.

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