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The Preparations

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By bsmonroe, on May 19, 2010

The lengthy State Department Internship process began in September 2009. Steve Kelly, the Diplomat in Residence at Duke University, came to the School of Government to lead an information session about the Foreign Service. According to Mr. Kelly, the State Department is actively recruiting individuals with a management degree. After hearing about my background (which includes, but is not limited to military service and a foreign language proficiency) he suggested that I complete the online application before the October 16th deadline.

Fortunately, by early December the State Department offered me a conditional appointment.  The lone condition: acquire a Security Clearance.   I submitted my clearance paperwork in early February.  The clearance was granted in late March and I was officially offered the internship. The next few items I needed to tend to were purchasing a ridiculously expensive airplane ticket, obtaining a visa, and buying Overseas Travel Insurance.

Now, from a financial perspective the last three items put a significant dent in my cash and cash convertible assets. (That’s just a little PUBA 730–Accounting humor) However, the burden was lessened by the good folks at the Center for Global Initiatives.  This is a great resource for funding and information, offered to students and professors interested in traveling abroad.

Finally, after getting all of those items squared away the most daunting task of all remains. I still have to pack.

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One Response to “The Preparations”

  1. Joel Galbraith

    It was interesting reading about how you got the internship. I look forward to reading about your insights and observations on local government in China. Wow, what a journey (career!) you’re about to embark on!

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