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This week has been a week of me playing catch up after going on a family vacation. Before I left I had a list of items that I needed to complete such as creating a careers page for the CIS website and creating a template for job postings. While this doesn’t sound like a mind blowing event, it took more time that I thought it would. There are many steps involved when creating pages, adding that page to the menu, making sure the theme is correct and making sure all the links on that page work. See it becomes a process. I also was able to participate in preparation for an upcoming audit. This involved going through many financial document and making sure the organization had all the proper documentation needed  just in case something needed to be looked at deeper.

Fast forward to now. I am continuing to update the website information and change around the format as well. It is not the most exciting work but it is a skill that I know will be useful in the future.

Here are some upcoming tasks that I am looking forward to:

  1. Writing the CIS Case Statement
  2. Conducting research on our funders and their giving habits.


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