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So this week’s post will be short. These past two weeks have been jammed with new experiences and learning opportunities. For example, I have been given the opportunity to write a grant for Communities in Schools Chatham County. While this grant is not for a significant amount of funding, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity but praying I don’t screw it up. In addition to this I am also managing the organization’s website and writing an upcoming press release. I know right, check ya girl out!!!

This is all very exciting stuff, but it is not the topic of this post. I applied to UNC’s Master of Public Administration program because I want to fill a gap in services that I feel are not being provided to students who are living in poverty, have mental health issues, trauma, and other challenges in their lives that make it hard for them to achieve success. I plan to do this through empowering them to be their own advocates and helping them fight for a seat at the table when decisions are being made about their lives. CIS Chatham is that organization for many students in Chatham County, but it is one of few. Here are some of the challenges that Chatham County youth are facing right now:

  • Lack of school Social Workers
  • Lack of after school activities
  • Shortage of teacher assistants
  • Shortage of bus drivers
  • Lack of reliable transportation
  • Food insecurity
  • Obesity
  • (Adverse Childhood Experiences) ACE’s

These are literally just a few.

I have said all this to say, this is such a scary and wonderful time to work in a nonprofit because funding is scarce, the workload is overwhelming, and many days you feel like you are beating your head against a wall trying to make a change. However, many times nonprofits are providing vital services to their community and without them many communities would suffer tremendously. Knowing the impact that this organization has in the community makes it that much more rewarding to work here.

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