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When the Cat Is Away, The Mouse Will Be Really Productive

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By Lena Geraghty, on July 7, 2014

My PWE supervisor, the library director has been on vacation the last two weeks. Before she left, we would have twice weekly check-ins in which we discussed the progress I was making and the next steps to take. I really like  this aspect of the PWE. I think that the collaboration and communication that comes with public administration is the main reason I decided to pursue an MPA instead of a JD. A lot of the work I did as a legal assistant in a wage-and-hour class action law firm was solitary. I was given my tasking and expected to provide the finished product by the deadline. Questions were always welcomed, but there wasn’t any collaboration or discussion about the best way to do things along the way. I got used to this hands-on approach at the library and I’ve been missing the director’s input.

The responses to the library staff survey about the computer use policy finally started rolling in. I’ve been analyzing the results and revising the policy to reflect the staff suggestions. I’m really eager for the library director to return today so I can get her feedback and see if any further changes are needed. Wednesday is the next library board meeting. I’m hoping to present both the Internet use and computer use policies at this meeting because the library board doesn’t meet again until September. It’ll be another busy week juggling coursework, my actual job work, PWE, and meetings galore (with both the library board and the assistant city manager to discuss Alameda’s adoption of performance measures). Check back next week to see how it goes!

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