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Today marks my last departmental meeting as a summer intern in the Town of Hillsborough. Like the beginning of every meeting, Daphna asked us to share important events. For the month of August, we celebrate four work anniversaries, two wedding anniversaries, and a new job as an instructor for Apex School of Theology. Though I did not share it out loud, I am celebrating the fact that I contacted all recently paid vendors (about 535) and received 339 completed ACH Authorization Forms. I leave the rest of the project to another staff member.

My experience in local government these past few weeks has inspired me to continue public service during the school year. When I return to my studies, I will also serve as a Commissioner for Durham City’s Human Relations Commission and part-time in Finance. So, while I say goodbye to my blog readers today, I bid my Hillsborough colleagues, “So long, see you Monday!”



One Response to “Adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu”

  1. Josh Fernandez


    It has been great seeing you around Hillsborough this summer. I have enjoyed reading your blogs, and I look forward to hearing more about everything you have accomplished and learned. Indeed – “see you Monday!”

    – Josh

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