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Making Progress

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By Meagan McDougall, on July 7, 2015

This past week was the week for my site visit from our beloved Susan Austin and I was so happy to see her and get to talk with someone from the program about all that I’ve been doing and had the opportunity to experience thus far. Being able to formally get the feedback from your supervisors definitely goes a long way as well though. That being said, the next few weeks are going to get a bit crazy with the end of the summer quickly approaching, EDC board meetings coming up, and my upcoming trip to the West Coast for a Fellowship training. I couldn’t be more anxious and eager for all of it to happen.

On Wednesday we had a staff meeting and laid out what we’ll all be saying during the upcoming Board meeting. I’m excited that I’ll get to present and maybe say a few words about the findings from a survey, the results of which I cleaned and put into presentation form. We’ve also made progress with the engagement program and partnering with the Pittsboro Business Association to pull it together in collaboration with them from now on. I have to iron out the kinks with all that and work on getting out the pertinent invitations to all the necessary parties, and ensuring the location is set in addition to all the food/drinks but that’s the kind of thing I live for. One out of three internship tasks under the belt!

As for the industry tours, I have a meeting set up to meet with the managers of a prospective location this upcoming week which I’m really excited about and hopefully they’re willing to be on board with it. From there I can look at a map of the County and really try to figure out what might be the best route for the day of the tour and reach out to possible busing companies to get information from. So that is still rolling along in its own way.

Recently I looked at the dates of all the upcoming Board of Commissioners meetings to try and pair up the days of meetings with some of the awards/recognitions we formulated. So that is now just a matter of the EDC submitting the wording of the resolution, which I’ve been working on for each recognition, to the Board shortly before their meetings. The next big chunk of this third task of my internship is the planning of a slightly bigger reception around the time of Opportunity Chatham. That’s all still in the works but I’m eager to start meeting with people to get the framework for it all situated and ready to go.

My fellowship training during some of the ‘teen days of the month is taking me out to San Francisco for a bit and thankfully the EDC is okay with me going and just hanging on for an extra week to even it out. To say I’m excited would be an understatement as it’s probably going to end up being one of the highlights of my summer, as well as my first trip further West than Atlanta!

Until next week!

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