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It was a fun week at Capacity Builders because it was the kick-off meeting for this summer’s institute! Getting ready for this kick-off meeting was much more than just figuring out what I’d say when we went around the room with one interesting fact about myself… Prior to the kick-off meeting on Thursday, we had to update and prepare the Capacity Assessment Binder. The Capacity Assessment Binder is 1 of 2 binders that our participants will receive this summer. This binder lays out the Capacity Building Framework, contains the McKinsey Capacity Assessment Grid, and Action Plan Template. The reason this binder is so critical to the entire program is because the answers that recipients provide on their assessments is how Dr. Palmer will create curriculum for the remainder of the Institute.

So long story short… we created 17 Capacity Assessment Binders, we met at the downtown Greensboro office of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium. The director of consortium greeted us anxiously as we were ready to kick off the 2018 Institute! This summer there will be 17 participants…. all with a different range of experience in the nonprofit sector.


We won’t meet with the participants again until June 1 for the first session. Until then, we’ll be prepping curriculum and hand-outs for the rest of the summer. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the special project that I mentioned last week! We are working diligently to make progress on that project, but I can’t share the details just yet! Let’s just say… it’s going to shake up the North Carolina nonprofit sector!


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