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The Importance of a Mentor

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By Laura May, on May 10, 2018

Hi Everyone! My name is Laura May and I am very excited to be sharing my summer internship experiences on this blog. This summer I have the opportunity to go intern with the Capacity Builders program of the Guilford County Resource and Referral Center.  Beyond gaining some valuable experience this summer, I also have the chance to spend some quality time with a great mentor of mine, Dr. Pamela Palmer.

I’ve known Dr. Palmer for just about eight years… since my first semester of my undergraduate degree to be exact. As I sat in Dr. Palmer’s, “Nonprofit Management” class during that first semester, I knew that I had made the right choice in my major. And now, eight years later, I am still loving my nonprofit career and am pursuing my MPA to further my career!

Dr. Palmer is the Executive Director of the Guilford County Resource & Referral Center
and a professor at High Point University. The Nonprofit Management Institute is
hosted at High Point University every summer.  

I started my internship on April 15 and I’ve been loving every minute of it so far. This summer, I’ll be working with Dr. Palmer as a trainer for the Nonprofit Management Institute. “The Institute” as we call it is a five-week program for nonprofit professionals to enhance their skills and the capacity of their organizations. The program doesn’t actually start until June 1, but we have a kick-off meeting on May 17. The Institute is hosted in conjunction with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, so this will be a great opportunity to meet some local nonprofit leaders.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some more updates about how we are preparing for the upcoming institute sessions. In addition to working on the Institute, I’ve been working with Dr. Palmer on a super exciting top-secret project! Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear about this incredible opportunity!

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