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Call Number 22:


Vendor Representative: Hello, This is Supply Vendor. Siri, speaking.
Nathalie: Good Afternoon, Siri. My name is Nathalie Santos and I’m calling on behalf of the Town of Hillsborough.
(Short pause).
Siri: Okay.
Nathalie: I’m calling to verify our contact and banking information for Supply Vendor. Do we have someone as a point of contact ?
Siri: Who is this again?
Nathalie: This is Nathalie, calling from the Town of HIllsborough.
Siri: And where do you work?
Nathalie: I work for the Town of Hillsborough.
Siri: Who is your boss?
Nathalie: I would say Daphna Schwartz.
Siri: You don’t know your boss?
Nathalie: It’s Daphna, ma’am.
Siri: Oh, I’m just making sure. Do you know Sarah?
Nathalie: Yes, I know Sarah. She works in the Finance Department.
Siri: And how do I contact you?
Nathalie: You can use LInda’s phone number.
Siri: No, I don’t know Linda.
Nathalie: Linda also works for Town of Hillsborough. You can use her number to reach me.
(Long pause).
Her number is ***-***-**** extension ****.
Siri: And where are you located?
Nathalie: (Rummages through Supply Vendor Invoice) Our address is 137 N. Churton St., Hillsborough, NC, 27278.
Siri: I’m just verifying who you are.
Nathalie: I understand ma’am.
Siri: How did you get my number?
Nathalie: We have the number ***-***-**** saved in our system. Is this the best way to contact you?
Siri: Yes, but I still don’t understand why you’re calling me.
Nathalie: I’m calling to verify the contact and banking information of all our vendors. We have your number saved. Are you the Town of Hillsborough’s point of contact for Supply Vendor?
Siri: Point of contact for what?
Nathalie: Point of contact, or person who we would call directly if the we have any questions… like for billing or payment.
Siri: You would call me.
Nathalie: Great! I don’t see Siri saved as our person of contact. What is your last name so I can save it in our file?
Siri: Isa.
Nathalie: Thank you. So, that’s Siri, S-i-r-i,
Siri: Mhmm..
Nathalie: How do you spell your last name?
Siri: I-s-a.
Nathalie: Thank you, Siri. Our address on file for Supply Vendor is (says full address). Is this correct?
Siri: Yes, it is.
Nathalie: Siri, do you also have an email address we can use to contact you?
Siri: Yes, it is
Nathalie: Thank you! The Town of Hillsborough is transitioning from sending checks by mail to paying our vendors online. Does Supply Vendor have ACH Wire Transfer available?
Siri: ACH? Yes, we do…
Nathalie: Great. What is the Banking and Account number we can use?
Siri: No, that’s alright. I will stop by later.
Nathalie: You’ll stop by the Finance Department to provide the ACH information…?
Siri: Yes.
Nathalie: Would you stop by sometime next week?
Siri: Uh huh.
Nathalie: Okay, I’ll make a note of it. Thank you so much… I appreciate your time. I hope you have a great day!
Siri: You too.
Nathalie: Thanks.


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