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Using the Slow News Day

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By Stephen, on July 15, 2011

The past few weeks have been fairly quiet up here at the legislature.  After the chaos of session, the calm and relative peace around here is quite nice.  It has given me the opportunity to dive into my project – meeting with staffers from UNC and the NC Community College system, collecting and culling tuition data, and researching any number of tangential issues.  Which has provided me with a valuable insight –the best time to speed up is often when everyone else slows down.

It’s in these down periods that I get the most work done.  Certainly the lack of distractions helps, but it’s more than that.  While they’re not out of town or on vacation, others are more available for advice and help.  Fewer priorities dominate yours and others schedules.  You can take time out to plan and prepare so that you are ready for when things get busy again.

And in the true spirit of this notion, I am going to cut my blog post short for today and take full advantage of this slow news day to prepare for a few meetings I have this afternoon.  Feel free to take the time you would have used reading a longer post (if you are in fact still with me) to prepare and get ahead.  It’s a good feeling.

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