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Week 7: The One with Dogs

Okay, I know this is a shamelessly clickbait-y title that doubles as a Friends pun. I know what I’ve done. But, hey I want to have the most post views at the end of the summer, and pictures from a trip to the Wake County Animal Shelter is an easy win.  Other things did happen though, so let’s run through those first there.

This was big week.  I presented benchmarking research and recommendations based on GFOA feedback about our budget book to the leadership of Wake County’s Budget and Management Services; I got to see performance management on the ground-level by auditing the book selection process for Wake County’s Library Systems. I went line-by-by line through every county capital project’s most recent balance report to find irregularities and red-flags that need to be addressed across a plethora of dimensions.  I drafted an agenda item stemming from my ongoing work to help clean-up the county’s grant-archiving that will be presented to the Wake Board of Commissioners. I did a lot of things, but that’s not why you’re here this week.

See, I know. I know what you’re really here for, and I know what I have to do. So without further ado:


Quick facts:

  • Each animal here is up for adoption at Wake’s Animal Shelter; their website is here.
  • The animal shelter staff can provide all medical needs required to bring a pet home.
  • August 18th is the nationwide Clear the Shelter’s event, where over 900 Animal Shelters across the US, including Wake’s, will offer free adoption of animals in the shelter.
  • It has taken strong will over the past week to not go back and adopt Queenie.
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